The ECHO Foundation Recovery Housing Initiative

“Who we spend our time with, where we go, and the things we surround ourselves with all impact who we are and the decisions that we make. Many times, people in early recovery have to give up everything they’ve known… because those people, places, and things put them at risk for relapse or continued use. Early recovery can be painful and isolating. Recovery housing can fill that void with a safe place, compassionate people, and a life full of purpose and fun that doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs.”

Lori Criss, Associate Director of the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers

Relapse is common for people with substance use disorders.


We need new ways to approach treatment.

Recovery homes offer individuals a safe place to continue to care for themselves in the early stages of treatment. For people who are new to treatment this time is critical in ensuring they sustain their newly learned recovery principles.

Not everyone can afford expensive inpatient, residential programs. And, many outcomes are showing that longer term outpatient care is actually more effective. But, outpatient care doesn’t include housing… so where does that leave the individual who can’t afford a safe place to live while attending an outpatient treatment program?