Meet the ECHO Recovery Board of Directors

Since 2014 the ECHO Foundation has been working towards helping individuals in early recovery with housing financial support. In recent years the team has expanded our focus to include supporting artists in and for recovery. Today we are continuing to seek new ways to support the addiction recovery community.

Meet the team below and contact us if you want to partner, volunteer or work together in some way.

James Haggerty

James Haggerty

Just out of college Jim started working in the family construction company for a few years. He later went on to work for a Wall Street firm and then he started his own Financial Consulting Company. In 1995 he started working in the Substance Use Disorder field as an AmeriCorps Volunteer in a counselor in training position. Not long after he moved from the counseling end of the industry into more of the Administrative/ Executive roles. He spent most of his time as an Admissions Director, while supervising Utilization Review, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Billing, Accounts Receivable and IT. After a family relocation he worked exclusively in the C level positions both through his consulting firm, Apogee System Consultants LLC, and outside as a direct employee. He was personally responsible for hundreds of employees at facilities with 50 – 150 beds. He has always wanted to make a difference and “pay it forward” by passing on the things that have been passed to him and his family over the years.  Jim believes there is always hope and nothing absolutely nothing takes the place of giving someone the time to heal.

Jim started the ECHO Foundation as a way to give back through sober housing support, addiction education, recovery programs and events.

Jennifer Neilson

Jennifer Nilsson

Jennifer has held many positions in the substance abuse rehab industry. Though she is not personally in recovery, she has been directly affected by addiction. She feels it is so important to provide education and resources to loved ones. As a person that knows how hard it is looking from the outside in, she understands it’s a helpless place to be. Jennifer loves the mission of the ECHO Foundation and is proud to be a part of the Board of Directors. She thrives on the opportunity to give back, she infuses the organization and the board with her drive and energy.

Whether it is encouraging a struggling mother or family member on the phone, heading up a local art event or coordinating a fundraiser, Jennifer is always there!

Jenny Stradling

Jenny Weatherall

Long term marketer, Jenny started doing digital marketing for addiction treatment centers at the beginning of her career in 2005. Jenny is the Co-owner and CEO of her own digital design and marketing agency in Mesa, Arizona, which was founded in 2009. After having worked with some of the largest behavioral health companies in the world, Jenny decided to give back by using her skills to help smaller facilities and non-profit organizations. When former colleague and friend, Jim Haggerty, asked her to join the ECHO Board, she knew her company, Eminent SEO, could make an impact.

Jenny manages the ECHO website and digital marketing presence. She’s passionate about educating the public to help end the stigma around mental health, addiction and getting treatment. She focuses on creating ethical marketing campaigns that help individuals find the help they need. As a member of the ECHO Board of Directors, she suggests solutions to help the organization grow in a way that gives back and provides real support to the people that need it most. As an artist herself, she believes in the power of art for healing and recovery. She is excited about our new Artists For Recovery initiative and how we can help raise more awareness and reach more people through art programs, classes and events.

Christine Wade

Christine Wade

Christine is a paralegal working in Harford County, Maryland. Many years ago, she worked in the substance abuse field as an addictions counselor with the Harford County Health Department Alcoholism Services. She is proud to be a part of ECHO Recovery and supports the ECHO Foundation’s mission and compassion for those struggling with addictions and pursuing recovery.